Consilium Education is an international schools consultancy owned and managed by the consultants themselves. We are proudly independent, focused on the learning needs of the students who attend the schools operated by our clients around the world. Innovative by nature, Consilium consultants work collaboratively to plan sustainable educational solutions for projects in context, on time, and in budget.


Established by a uniquely experienced team of educational leaders responsible for the foundation and development of some of the world’s leading international schools. Consilium Education provides expert consulting services to clients in the UK and around the world.


Our portfolio of work is wide-ranging and global. We have advised clients starting premium, medium and low cost schools across Asia, Europe and the Americas. Using our networks to introduce British schools to the world of international education is an increasingly important part of our work.


We want young people to understand themselves and the world in which they live while developing the confidence to serve their global and local communities. Our assignments increasingly involve the support of schools which aspire to become sustainable, carbon-neutral learning.

the consilium education team

Our team has a lifetime of experience as educators and consultants, leading and advising some of the world’s best schools. We share an enthusiasm for the kind of great learning made possible by skilful and committed teaching. Specialising in international school start up and development projects, we work together to provide a full range of personalised advice and support to our clients.

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Andy Homden
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Elly Tobin
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Tony Richards
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