Voices around the world

Collaborative music recording project for children around the world

Laurie Lewin has been organising the international charity music project Voices Around the World since 2011. Over 7,000 students took part last year. He’s hoping for even more schools to join in when Voices Around the World launch their new song for 2020! Here Laurie tells us what is happening now and what’s in store for the future.

 What’s it all about?

Voices Around The World is an on-going music project that involves young people from around the globe in making an international song/video release each year. The project is free to enter and all proceeds from eventual song/video download sales go to help needy children in Njombe Tanzania.

Since its inception in 2011, we have written and produced a range of new songs for schools, youth organisations and individual young people all around the world to learn and record. Once learned, their vocal recordings along with photos and video clips are sent to the team here at Voices Around the World. These are mixed together to make a final version of the song and video which is then released world-wide.

The 2019/20 song project

Right now, we all need some good news! Here at Voices Around The World we have a favourite saying – ‘Sometimes it seems like music is the only thing that makes any sense!’ This could never be truer than at the present time.

So . . . . the good news is that the new Voices Around The World music video has just been released. Over 7,000 young people from 65 different countries have joined together to sing ‘What Kind Of World Are We Trying to Make?’ Maybe your school students were amongst these amazing young international recording superstar singers – if so, many congratulations!

If you, your school colleagues, your family or friends are in lockdown and are looking for an uplifting moment then take a coffee/tea break right now, sit down and watch this amazing video – we guarantee it will bring a big smile to your face! Click the play button below


Join us for our next project in 2020

Wish that your school was included? Well, why not get involved ? Because of the current conditions – with schools in many countries closed down – we have been asked to provide a new Voices Around The World project that will focus on using remote learning techniques. We are launching this project in the coming weeks and rapidly working to prepare the resources for it now.

The project will feature two completely new songs. One of the songs ‘With This Hope In My Heart’ has been written especially for us by the pop legend Howard Jones and the other song – ‘We Are The Change’ –has been written by our Voices Around The World team.


Your students will have a blast learning these songs! Come on…get involved click here to register so that you get all the information and free choir resources needed.

Hope to hear from you soon….in the meantime….please stay healthy and safe and importantly . . . . .



Former international school music teacher, Laurie Lewin, is the Founder and Project Director of Voices Around the World.

Become Part of the 2020 Voices Around The World Song Project – ‘We Are The Change?’



Images:  Voices around the World