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The Wild Wisdom challenge for students aged 10 – 14

Raising awareness of critical environmental issues has never been more important – but it can also be fun, as Charlotte Bouchier reports.

What’s happening?

In 2021, WWF launched the ‘Wild Wisdom Global Challenge’ in partnership with ITZA, with over 60,000 students from 52 countries taking part. This year’s challenge gets underway in October with a focus on big cats and the integral role they play within our ecosystems.

Wild wisdom challenge

In collaboration with WWF once again, ITZA is rolling out the 2022 edition of this popular, free-to-enter online competition for students aged 10-14, using dramatic wildlife content from WWF, BBC and Netflix. The challenge, which also features podcasts from Harper Collins, will consist of a series of live and anytime quizzes based on the featured video material.
Students will undertake a series of online learning journeys from 10th to 21st October 2022, with a school elimination round on 19th October and an International Quiz Final in December for qualifying schools. There will also be prizes for top-scoring individuals.

New content available every day

The global challenge is part of ITZA’s ‘Learn to Save Our Planet’ initiative, which provides material to help young people learn about the natural world, climate change and sustainability. There is an emphasis on students learning independently about issues that are becoming increasingly urgent

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With at least 10 to 15 minutes of new learning content each day and a daily quiz to test their understanding, students will be encouraged to learn in a fun and exciting way about the natural world, classification, evolution, diversity and the geography of sustainability.

See what last year’s competitors thought about the challenge by clicking on the tiger!

Tiger conservation

But this year, there will be a special emphasis on tigers. During the challenge, we follow a tiger tracker to learn about their environment through the eyes of these amazing creatures. It’s important we all learn quickly. In 2010, tiger populations were at an all-time low, with only 3,200 left in the wild. Thirteen tiger range countries made a pact to double tiger numbers, and since then, their numbers are finally on the rise. But the hard work isn’t over. Find out how your students can help save the tiger and restore the population of this magnificent animal.

Why is tiger conservation so important?

Tigers are an ‘umbrella species’.  Therefore, protecting wild tigers and their natural homes provides benefits for thousands of other species and millions of people. This work ensures areas remain carbon sinks, an integral tool for our battle against climate change. By protecting tigers we are protecting essential habitats, incredible flora and fauna, clean water, jobs, food, and so much more.

Team and individual competitions

WWF Challenge

The Challenge will be open to students who enter as part of a school team or as individuals. If teachers wish to integrate the Challenge material into a programme of study, they can do so using whiteboard resources and suggestions available on our Inspire Portal as part of a blended learning approach. The Challenge can be set as an independent project with perhaps occasional sessions organised in Form time, PSHE, Science, Geography or transdisciplinary lessons. The competition provides engaging resources for Eco club activities and can provide a stimulus for great discussion sessions.

Getting involved this year

Teachers can register their school now on the Inspire Portal.

Students then sign up from 15th September on the Challenge website (itza/io) with their school code and choose an anonymised display name for themselves.

The Challenge itself starts on the 10th October with at least 10 minutes of new content and a quiz being uploaded each day which students can explore at their own pace, either at home or at school. They earn points as they go, which show on the individual, national (minimum of 5 schools in each country) and international Leaderboards.

On 19th October, schools compete in a live quiz. Challenge points are then added up and 6 top schools qualify for the International Final in December, organised by WWF India to decide the overall winning school!

On 21st October, there is another live quiz for individual students around the world. Competition points are then added up and prizes are awarded to the top scoring individuals around the world!

Other activities

As part of ITZA’s ‘Learn to Save Our Planet’ initiative, the Wild Wisdom Global Challenge will be followed this year by a series of student engagement activities:
One Planet Cricket
One Planet Oceans
One Planet Football

Get involved now! Register your school for the 2022 challenge here:


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