March 2024

Schools and their stories

What makes a good school story?

Martin Skelton is looking for learning, Ger Graus ponders the issue of class sizes, and Elen Harris proposes better practice for lesson observation

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School Readers

Duangporn Turongratanachai Consilium Education library specialist, Sal Flint continues her column – School Readers – in which she talks to educators about their favourite books. This

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Teaching leadership

Purpose-driven leadership through an integrated educational approach If teaching leadership skills in school is important, how can it be best fitted into

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The British International School Safeguarding Coalition Colin Bell looks at a new global coalition supporting safeguarding initiatives in British International schools.

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Class sizes

Do larger class sizes really have a negative impact on learning? The population of the UAE is growing and there is pressure

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Project REALM

How traditional approaches to teaching are being challenged in the Philippines Ekxel Carlo T. Degollacion looks at how an elementary government school

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Can a school really be ‘amazing’? If so – how? Martin Skelton turns over some unsettling ideas on his way to the

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